Founded in 2015, Boombox Gifts began as a memory box company. We were inspired by the “this is your life” time capsules our Founder Christina Geist made for each of her friends’ 40th and her Father’s 70th Birthdays. We’ve helped people all over the world use very simple technology to co-create a collection of written messages and photos, which we custom design and curate into a deeply sentimental gift.

Named an “instant heirloom” by O Magazine, a Boombox is a physical memory box, filled with custom designed and printed 5×7 cards inside, with a 4-week recommended lead time. As an alternative, a Digital Boom is a digital only version of your cards that can be completed in less time, delivering the emotional Boom – without the box, eliminating the printing and shipping time. You’re currently on the Digital Boom shopping site. If you’d rather shop for a box, click here.

Your Digital Boom purchase includes up to 50 digital cards, and you can purchase additional cards (up to 350 total) if necessary.  Once your order is complete, you’ll receive an email with instructions for setting up your password-protected project page. Your page will allow you to exceed 50 card uploads, but will alert you by email if you hit 50. We will tally your final card count once you reach your upload deadline, and we will bill you $1 for each card over 50. Payment will be due before we begin designing your final digital file. 

Our 2-week minimum timeline at checkout includes 8 days for you and your guests to upload messages and photos + 6 days of design, proofing and production time.  Rush timing may be available – email us at for options!

Once your order is complete, you’ll have access to a password-protected project page, which acts as your control center for your Boombox project. You can enter your project’s address book from that page and input First Name, Last Name, Email address for your guests, and send them invites to participate. If you have ever sent invites to a party using an online invitation tool, this will feel very similar. Your project also comes with a custom hyperlink you can use to invite guests.

Your Digital Boom includes:

  • A password-protected project page where you and your guests can upload messages and photos, which our team will later design into custom card layouts.
  • Customizable email invitations and reminders to send to your guests, and a saved address book for future projects.
  • A shareable hyperlink to invite guests via social media or messenger.
  • 50 digital cards, custom designed by our team. Additional cards (up to 350 max) are available for purchase for $1 each before we begin designing your layouts.
  • Digital review of your card layouts + 1 round of edits by our design team.
  • Digital Concierge support from Team Boombox, a real team of people in the US who care deeply about your project.
  • 1 Digital Boom file, delivered electronically in PDF format

Click here to view a sample 40th Birthday Digital Boom.

Cards can handle up to 3,400 characters for text-only messages. If you include a photo, your text will be limited to 1,700 characters. Don’t worry – our live text box will count down for you as you upload your content.

We hold onto the data from each project in your password-protected account. That way we can produce a Boombox with printed cards for you if you’d like to buy one down the road.  

If they can use email, they can do this. If they can’t, you can do it for them! The purchaser, or Gift Giver, can upload as many messages/photos as you like, for yourself or on anyone else’s behalf.

Yes. Your project page has a bulk photo upload button, and you’ll be able to give each image a name and an optional caption, and then sort them into the order you’d like them to appear in the Digital Boom. 

No problem! A Digital Boom can be gifted one-to-one, or many-to-one. You can upload any combination of written messages, memories or photos to your project, and we will design them for you so each card looks personal, yet polished.

Your recipient is reading them. We’re designing and printing them. Our design team treats each unique message/photo with care and respect. We choose a font and card layout that suits the tone and style of the message. We will not change any of your language, your nicknames, your shorthand or your slang. And we won’t tell your mom if you use a bad word.

Yes! Think of the Digital Boom as a half-step to a printed Boombox. If you’re sure you want a Boombox with printed cards inside, we actually recommend purchasing a Deluxe Boombox here and we can customize that project timeline for you by emailing us.

Email us any time at