Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t get it. What’s A Boombox?
A Boombox is a beautiful memory box filled with custom-printed messages and photos that can be given “one-to-one,” or as a group gift. A box holds up to 150 cards, and every card is typeset by a designer and printed in small batches, creating a one-of-a-kind, treasured collection of memories and sentiments. The effect is – boom! – emotional and unforgettable.  Most say it’s the best gift they’ve ever given, and the best they’ve ever received.

Can’t I just do this myself?
Of course you can. That’s how we started out: friends making memory boxes for friends. We found the gift itself to be amazing and powerful. But, the process of finding a box, finding people, keeping track of their letters, and designing and printing their cards was overwhelming and disorganized and a little stressful. So, here we are.

How does the process work?
Happy to explain. If the chart on our How It Works page doesn’t make sense, email us for more info.

What’s the lead time?
We need a minimum of 4 weeks from the time you order to the time a Boombox arrives on your doorstep. That’s 2 weeks to collect/upload messages, 1 week for design and production, and 1 week for UPS Ground shipping. We can tweak these dates if necessary. Just email us.

How many cards fit in a box?
Our box styles are 3.5 inches tall, and @150 cards fit comfortably when stacked inside. 1 card = 1 message/photo, so you’ll be able to accommodate about 150 messages/photos.

How long can my letter be?
We can handle up to 4,000 characters for text-only messages. If you include a photo, your text will be limited to one side of your card (2,000 characters). Don’t worry – our live text box will count down for you as you write your message.

What do you do with all of the letters and photos?
We hold onto the data from each project in your password-protected account. That way we can re-produce a box of letters/photos if your original is ever lost or damaged.

How much does this cost?
Our boxes are all the same price ($220). This includes: Use of our super simple project dashboard where you can see your messages in real time, make copy edits, invite others to upload a message/photo for your recipient and kindly nudge/remind them as your deadline approaches. We will provide you with concierge-level email support as needed along the way. You have up to 150 cards in your Boombox, which you can fill with messages/photos on your own, or use our invitation tool to include others as a group gift.  Our team will create a custom layout for every one of your cards, which you will see and proof in PDF format before we go to print.

Can I get 2 ‘copies’ of a box or a digital copy of my finished file?
Sure, we can provide you a 2nd box and a 2nd set of cards or a ‘clean’ PDF file of your card layouts for an additional cost. Just email us and we’ll sort out the details and provide an estimate.

Who’s reading my messages?                                                                          Your recipient is reading them. We’re designing and printing them. Our design team treats each unique message/photo with care and respect. We choose a typestyle and card layout that suits the tone and style of the message. We will not change any of your language, your nicknames, your shorthand or your slang. And we won’t tell your mom if you use a bad word.

Who are you people?                                                                                  Boombox Gifts was created by Christina Geist, a brand strategist and children’s book author who lives in New York City with her husband, Willie Geist, and their two children. There is a dedicated team of super sharp human beings behind this pretty webpage. We created this brand to help others give the gift of love, and we take that responsibility seriously. We’re keeping a close eye on every active project and making sure the end result is as amazing as it can be!

Can I see what others have to say about the product?                 Absolutely. Our Facebook and Instagram (@boomboxgifts) pages are full of customer’s stories and photos of finished projects.

Email us any time at for more information. 

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